Recent Happenings

So things have been a little quiet since Christmas time, or from an outsider’s perspective anyway. We’ve been on a bit of a break from gigging as most of our attention has been focused on being well rehearsed before we get rolling in the studio. We did manage to squeeze in a show at the end of January though, when myself and Mark opened for Gemma Hayes and Ann Scott with a little acoustic set in The Late Lounge. Two lovely ladies! We’ll be back in the same venue with full band on Saturday 26th February alongside Creamy Goodness and The P Affection, who have just released their debut album. The album is available for free download from and I highly recommend you go and download it; it’s one of those records that’s guaranteed to put a smile on your face (:

I’ve kept my word and am still recording the odd cover song when I get the chance, so here’s the second installment. It’s a cover of an old traditional song which has been done by a few other artists over the years, but this one’s mostly inspired by Leslie Feist’s version…or ripped off it – whichever way you want to look at it!


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