As the title of this post might suggest, it’s been a crazy few days! We kicked off our We Are Moving tour with an instore in Tower Records on Thursday, and you can now pick up a copy of the album there for €9.99 if you’re old-fashioned like me and still prefer having a physical CD and artwork to fondle. That was followed by a Shave or Dye fundraiser in Kildare town on Friday night – big thanks to all the lovely Kildare folk who listened and made us feel welcome! Lil Flanagan’s is such a lovely pub that I kind of wanted to just stay there and live in front of their big hearty fire. Then it was back to the good old Grand Social on Saturday night. The Grand Social is one of my favourite places to play; beautiful venue, great vibes, fantastic sound and lovely staff. We launched our album there last month and you can check out some pictures from that night (taken by Brendan Beagon, Mark K.Doyle and Aidan Kelly-Murphy) here. Here’s a list of all our May dates:

tour copy