A Vain Species

So a while ago I decided that, after all these years of playing music, it was probably time I accepted the fact that at some point in my career I’m going to have to do a promo shoot. Myself and the boyos had done one before with Michael Donnelly, but I have a few solo plans brewing and need a bit of an updated press pack, so I figured this was as good a time as any to take the plunge and get my own done. Plus, how hard could it be after a day of legging it around a forest acting the eejit in front of a camera for this video? Anyway, the whole way through the shoot all I could think was: What the hell am I doing? So I play music and write a few tunes but that doesn’t make me any more interesting or significant than the next person, why would anyone want to look at pictures of my mug? What a vain species we are! But in fairness, the extreeemely talented Brian McNamara worked miracles in making such an awkward person look…well, passable anyway? I highly recommend him for all of your photographic needs!

The shoot basically involved me pottering about the place clumsily in the hope that if he took enough photos there was bound to be one or two in there where I didn’t look like an oaf! You can read Brian’s own post about the day on his blog.

Anyway if you do want to be subjected to shots of my mug just click the image below: