Turn Down the Silence

Dear cyber friends,

This time tomorrow (5pm) the first single from my new EP will be online and available for your ears as a free download! I’m sure every one of you knows what it is to pour your heart and soul into something, and how easy it can be to get bogged down by whether people will like it or whether you’re doing it “right”. Before I recorded this EP I decided that I was going to enjoy every minute of the process and worry about nothing, and the making of the song and video that you’ll hear/see tomorrow was the most enjoyable thing I’ve done yet. So I hope that sense of fun and freedom comes across in it, and maybe it will have something to offer you…or maybe not, but that’s the best thing anyone can hope for!

So anyway, please do check back here tomorrow evening for your free download and, if you like it, maybe even give it an ol share :)

Sive x