New Music – Turn Down the Silence

Big love and massive thanks to everyone who came out to the launch of the new EP and gave me and my compadres the opportunity to share our music with you. I’m a lucky lady to be surrounded by so many wonderful and creative musicians.

The new EP is out now and available for you to stream or download from your platform of choice. Downloading music is a funny old thing and I’m aware it can be hard to feel like you’re getting value for your money when there’s no tangible object involved. So if you’d like to hear the EP you can give it a listen below or stream it on Spotify, and if you then feel it’s worth buying there are physical CDs (featuring artwork by Emma Hopkins, a beautiful artist) available from Bandcamp.

There is so much good music readily available at the click of a button these days and we’re not all in a position to fork out every time we find something we like. So if you enjoy the music even sharing with your friends would mean a lot and go a long way. I’ve yet to meet a fellow musician who’s ‘in it for the money’, but if my musical output could even come close to sustaining itself then that would help me to continue to make it for a long time to come (:

As an independent musician I appreciate every single download and share I get, so THANK YOU for all of your support.

Sive xxx

You can get the EP on iTunes or right here: