Fan Footage

Just a quick update to say thanks to everyone involved in Other Voices and to all the good folk I met in Derry for such a wonderful weekend! Apart from getting to play a couple of really enjoyable gigs in The Cake Shop and The Grand Central Bar and being a part of Banter with Jim Carroll, my personal highlights included (but were not limited to!) seeing The Gloaming in The Glassworks and Conor Walsh in The Guildhall (I literally had to pick my jaw up off the floor when I walked into that venue).

If you were at my gig on Sunday you might have heard me mention a website called FanFootage. Basically what they do is film one song from an a set and upload it to their website, and then allow other people who were at the gig to upload their own footage of the song. They then sync all the footage from everyone’s cameras/phones/binoculars to their audio recording so that you can watch the performance from lots of different people’s perspectives. It’s a really cool idea which I still haven’t figured out how to explain properly. Just click here and all will be revealed!