Street Noise Eerieland

Hello and happy Halloween!

A few weeks ago, myself and Brad from The Street Noise Project took to the streets of Dublin to find some spots to film live videos. I played a few songs that will be going on the next album, and two of them are up on his site now under the Street Noise Eerieland banner. This first tune is one I normally play on the mandolin and hadn’t intended to do it that day, but once we stumbled into this location it felt like the right one to sing and so I chanced me arm with the guitar. Anyone who’s been to a gig in the last while might recognise this one as the giraffe song…the title is an ongoing work in progress.

The second one is called I Never and was filmed in the smoking area at Whelan’s.

Read Brad’s post about our day of music and rambling here. He reckons I’d make a terrific ghost one day!